Brexit Statement from AirDropBox Ltd

Brexit Statement from AirDropBox Ltd

As you are aware at this moment in time the UK is set to leave the EU on the 29th March 2019.

As a company we feel we need to address the Brexit situation and how leaving the EU may affect supply to our customers outside of the UK.

AirDropBox believes and hopes that there will be little disruption to our borders and customs as we know it at the moment, but this is now proving to be an uncertain point.

Therefore we urge our customers from outside of the UK to consider placing orders during February so that we have time to process and dispatch your order by the end of February/beginning of March, allowing time for your order to reach you before March 29th.

We would advise our distributors to place at least two months worth of orders, or order enough stock to last you and your customers until May 2019. Again please place your orders during February so we have time to send the orders to you.

We have been preparing for Brexit, therefore we are well stocked across our product range and ready to take your orders.

AirDropBox manufactures all of its range here in the UK, our supply will be constant with high levels of stock available.

If we can help in any way or you have any questions regarding Brexit please do ask and we will do our best to help.