Dying of Thirst – Urgent Appeal

Right now hundreds of thousands of Indonesian people displaced by an earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption desperately need clean water to drink.

AirDropBox, a British charity backed organisation, has launched an urgent appeal for funding and is planning a series of airdrops to supply emergency water filtration equipment.

All existing sources of clean water have either been destroyed, or are contaminated by sea water, and what little is left will soon be unfit to drink due to infection and disease. This lifesaving water filtration equipment could be the difference between surviving the disaster, or dying of thirst. You can help make the difference.

You can help the Indonesians’ plight by making a donation:

£10,000 will get some water purification filters to those in need

£50,000 will make a big impact and

£100,000 will be a major provision


Using experience gained from similar airdrop operations in Puerto Rico in 2017 after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, AirDropBox will deliver aid to those in need, in the remote cut off areas of Indonesia.


Please contact James Chalkley:

Email    james.chalkley@airdropbox.co.uk

Tel.      01732 820 455