What is Air Drop Box?

Air Drop Box mini systemAir Drop Box is the latest development in the simple air delivery of supplies for Humanitarian aid. It is designed to be as cost effective and simple to use as possible and cause minimal environmental impact.

The Air Drop Box is a complete aerial delivery system incorporating a load container suspended below a parachute. Each system features a self contained shock mitigation structure to ensure the safety and integrity of even the most delicate of loads.

Air Drop Box is supplied in a simple to use modular format that allows for a variety of configurations & loads. It requires no additional equipment, tools, specialist skills or knowledge to assemble.

A huge array of aircraft can deploy the Air Drop Box without the need for mechanical modifications to the aircraft or lengthy crew training.

Air Drop Box is constructed from biodegradable materials. Therefore 91.4% of the total system is biodegradable including the parachute.

The Air Drop Box provides material protection, low cost, and a safe delivery. The design and operating parameters are as simple as possible to enable the widest use.

Air Drop Box Sizes and Payloads

The system is available in four main sizes and and water resistant materials to offer all weather capability.

  • Backpack Mini for payloads up to 20kg or 33l in volume
  • Midi Bag for payloads up to 80kg or 375l in volume

Features and Benefits of Air Drop Box

  • Fits UN pallet and logistics standards
  • Available in a full range of sizes and payloads
  • Pre-assembled parachutes which therefore require no re-working or packing
  • Suitable for a large range of aircraft including light aircraft and rotary wing
  • Superior load integrity due to internal impact damping
  • Biodegradable to EU standards hence environmentally friendly
  • Very low cost in comparison to traditional methods
  • Safe and easy to deploy
  • Promotes localisation by allowing the utilisation of unskilled labour to assemble on site
  • Assembled, loaded and prepared for flight in under 5 mins
  • Prices for a full delivery system start from £80.00 + VAT*

*ex works.